Initially certified by EuroPriSe in July 2008 the web search engine proofed its zero-data retention policy successfully against the demanding EuroPriSe criteria. Ixquick reduced its recording time of IP addresses from 48 hours to zero.

EuroPriSe Recertifies Privacy-Friendly Search Engine

Kiel, January 28th, 2009

EuroPriSe today announces the recertification of the search engine ( just in time for the Data Privacy Day. stopped recording users’ IP-addresses as a rule and takes up a leading role in web search.

Data protection in the Internet is still not a matter of course. The data greediness of service providers remains huge. While searching the Internet, search engines register the time of search, the terms used, the sites visited and the IP address. Small files, so calledcookies are placed on the users’computer collecting behavioural and preference data about the user. The collected data serves to generate user profiles. The IP-address makes it possible to trace the computer, and may even reveal the household, that carried out the search.

In July 2008 the meta-search engine gained the first European Privacy Seal ( Previously deleted privacy details of its users after 48 hours. Recertification became necessary when the company strived to enhance its privacy friendly service further and reduced the retention time for IP-addresses down to zero. For recertification the EuroPriSe-evaluator checked the underlying technical solution and rated Ixquick’s data minimization “excellent”. The evaluation report was verified by the data protection authority of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, the Independent Centre for Privacy Protection (ULD). In EuroPriSe, ULD carries out the task of an independent certification body. The short public report on Ixquick is available on the Internet at

“We are especially happy to recertify and its zero-data retention policy in EuroPriSe because it implies substantial changes to improve people’s privacy” says Dr. Thilo Weichert, Data Protection Commissioner of Schleswig-Holstein and head of ULD.
 “EuroPriSe rewards privacy friendly solutions. With Ixquick non-storage of IP addresses, the waiver of tracking cookies and the implementation of a hash mechanism guarantees fair use of user data”explains project manager Kirsten Bock.