European Privacy Seal for goTRESOR-HighSecurePlus

Recertification: 01/2017

GOGU Systems GmbH proved that its IT-based service goTRESOR-HighSecurePlus complies with EU data protection law. goTRESOR-HighSecurePlus enables users to exchange files and messages in a secure manner. Providing the service, GOGU processes customer data in line with EU data protection law. Users of goTRESOR are controllers in respect of personal data that may form part of exchanged files and messages. They are provided with guidance on how to comply with EU data protection law in a data protection leaflet. Thus, they can be sure to comply with EU data protection law if they follow this guidance.   


Function as provided in December 2016

Qualification: IT-based service

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Cert. No.


Version of Certification Criteria

11/2011 (95/46/EC)


27/01/2017 - 31/01/2019

Initial cert: 12/12/2014


09/2017 (O.K.)

05/2018 (O.K.)

Public report

Recert 201701: goTRESOR Short Public Report [PDF] Image

Initial cert 201412: goTRESOR Short Public Report [PDF] Image 



GOGU Systems GmbH
Böhmerwaldstr. 47 
85630 Grasbrunn


The manufacturer has implemented a mechanism that allows users of goTRESOR-HighSecurePlus to verify that the SW-code in use on the webserver has not been changed (by the manufacturer).


Documents that are exchanged by means of goTRESOR-HighSecurePlus may contain personal data. In this respect, users of goTRESOR-HighSecurePlus are controllers whereas GOGU Systems GmbH acts as processor on their behalf. This means that users of goTRESOR-HighSecurePlus must ensure that this processing of personal data complies with all relevant requirements of EU data protection law. Users are provided with detailed information on this topic in a data protection leaflet.


goTRESOR-HighSecurePlus is a data-exchange-service which can be used by anyone who wants to share data (files, messages, timetable entries, resubmissions) with other users within a closed user group. The data-exchange-service can be installed and managed by the customer on an own server or be used as a web service provided by GOGU Systems (either on a dedicated server managed by GOGU Systems in a German data center or on a dedicated server of the client managed by GOGU Systems).


Recert 201701

The result of the technical and legal evaluation was that no changes had been made to the ToE.

Initial Cert 201412

The ToE includes the following components:

  • GoTresor-HighSecurePlus “onDemand” (data hosted on manufacturer’s server)
  • GoTresor-HighSecurePlus “Enterprise” (data hosted on manufacturer’s server)
  • GoTresor-HighSecurePlus “Enterprise” (data hosted on customer’s server)
  • Manufacturer’s web-portal

The ToE uses a cascade of encryption-technologies for data exchanged through the service.  When uploading data to the locker on the webserver, the file is sliced to several pieces which are then encrypted with the key of the online locker of the user on the client side. The data is then transmitted to the server using TLS-/SSL-encryption. The encrypted slices of data are constructed to one encrypted file with an encrypted file name on the server again. When downloading data the file is separated to different pieces, too.  The separate pieces are then decrypted on the server (“on the fly”) and encrypted with the symmetric SSL-key and then transmitted over an SSL-connection. The browser of the user will finally put the pieces of data together to a file.  Every safe and every locker within the safe uses a different AES256 key for encryption. The whole transmission of data is encrypted by using the Transport Layer Security (TLS) / Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

A mechanism has been implemented that allows users of the ToE to verify that the SW-code in use on the webserver has not been changed (i.e., that the service is actually provided in the manner described above).

Technical Evaluator

Andreas Bethke
Papenbergallee 34
25448 Kellinghusen

Legal Evaluator

Stephan Hansen-Oest
Im Tal 10a
24939 Flensburg



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