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Initial Certification: 04/2014

Qforma's Mederi AG proved that its IT-based service MNIP (trademarked as CrowdLink) complies with EU data protection law. Customers of Qforma such as pharmaceutical companies use the service in order to identify Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) and Market Access Stakeholders (MAS). They can be sure that processing of personal data of KOL and MAS by Mederi AG is in line with the demanding provisions of EU data protection law. It is worth mentioning that only information on KOL and MAS is collected that is publicly available on the Internet and that Mederi abstains from searching social networks.

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Mederi Network Intelligence Portal (MNIP), trademarked as CrowdLink

Update (03/2015):
Mederi Network Intelligence Portal (MNIP), trademarked as KOL Data & Services

Function as provided in March 2014

Qualification: IT-based service

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Cert. No.



03/04/2014 - 30/04/2016


11/2014 (O.K.)

07/2015 (O.K.)

Public report

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Mederi AG - a Qforma company

Update (03/2015):
Mederi AG - a Veeva Systems, Inc. company

Hanauer Landstr. 175-179
60314 Frankfurt


Providing the MNIP service, Mederi AG only processes personal data of Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) and Market Access Stakeholders (MAS) that are publicly available on the Internet and that relate to the professional role of the data subject. No social networks are searched for relevant data. Mederi AG ensures transparency for data subjects. 


Customers who collect personal data on Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) and Market Access Stakeholders (MAS) via MNIP must adhere to the national data protection law applicable when processing the data. They are provided with general information on their respective legal duties by means of a dedicated data protection leaflet. 


Mederi Network Intelligence Portal (MNIP) is an IT-based service which delivers an Opinion Leader Mapping (OLM) and Market Access Intelligence (MAI) to Mederi customers. The service essentially aims at providing customers such as pharmaceuticals and other companies of the life-science-industry with information on key figures in the health market by analysing and structuring publicly available data on these persons. The analysis identifies Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) and Market Access Stakeholders (MAS) by evaluating the interrelationships amongst the data subjects, their publications and other work related data.


Mederi AG collects and analyses publicly available information on Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) and Market Access Stakeholders (MAS). The service includes analysis of publications, participation in events and memberships in associations. Mederi evaluates links between individuals (KOL and MAS) based on their shared activities and aggregates multiple links between two individuals into one link with varying degrees of strength. After conclusion of the analysis, a specific customer database can be accessed by the customer via the Mederi Network Intelligence Portal.

The Target of Evaluation (ToE) is the IT-based Service Mederi Network Intelligence Portal, function as provided in March 2014.

The ToE includes

  • Mederi Network Intelligence Portal (MNIP)
  • Kolibri Web Interface
  • Mederi Analytics-Toolbox
  • Deployment of hardware and software used to develop and run the Mederi Service

The ToE does not include

  • External, publicly available databases that are operated by third parties and queried by Mederi in order to gather information
  • Billing procedures
  • Other Services provided by Mederi AG

Technical Evaluator

Dipl. Inform. Harald Löher
Bönnersdyk 12
47803 Krefeld

Legal Evaluator

Dr. Hans Wolfram Kessler
kessler/stockhausen consulting limited
San Michel Building, 2nd Floor, Suite 7
110, St. George's Rd.
St. Julian's

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