The photograph above was taken during the kick-off meeting of the EuroPriSe Advisory Board on January 20, 2015.



Press Release (DE):
EuroPriSe Advisory Board Constituent Meeting

The EuroPriSe Advisory Board consists of the following privacy professionals:

  1. Jordi Bacaria Martrus,
    EuroPriSe Expert Representative and Founder and Counsel of "Gobal Legal Data";
  2. Dr. Waltraut Kotschy,
    Director of Data Protection Compliance Consulting e.U., former Executive Member of the Austrian Data Protection Commission;
  3. Dr. Reinhard Priebe,
    former Director for Internal Security in Directorate General Home Affairs at European Commission;
  4. Mr. Peter Schaar,
    Chairman at European Academy for Freedom of Information and Data Protection, former German Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information and former Chairman of the Article 29 Working Party



Members of the EuroPriSe Advisory Board