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20/05/2010 until 30/04/2012

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Nuance Communications International BVBA
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The product fosters privacy and data security via specific assignment of access rights to individual user groups and its potential to implement policies concerning medical confidentiality. In addition, users of the ToE are exemplarily informed about relevant privacy issues in the documentation of the product.


If external typing offices are commissioned by the user of the ToE, pseudonymisation of data can only be guaranteed if the medical doctor dictates "the patient" instead of the respective name. Users must be aware that improper cooperation with external typing offices may result in a breach of medical confidentiality which may qualify as a criminal offense under the national criminal law applicable. For proper functioning of data pseudonymisation, the administrator of the product must activate the "anonymise data" mechanism.


"SpeechMagic™ Solution Builder" is a software that supports digital dictation. It can be implemented within a Hospital Information System (HIS). The software collects recordings by medical doctors and dispatches them for manual transcription or automatic speech recognition. The resulting documents are integrated in the patient's data in the HIS. SpeechMagic Solution Builder comprises a speech recognition system (SpeechMagic™). It supports external workflows including home office typing as well as external typing offices commonly used by hospitals. The software allows for pseudonymisation of audio files and transcriptions.


Dictations are saved to a central file server as encrypted audio files. Additionally, information may be stored in two data fields: (1) In the patient field, any patient information can be entered as a free text entry (e.g., patient name and date of birth). The content of this field is not transferred to external typing offices. (2) In the information field, additional information can be entered. This information will then be displayed in a special information field within the report list and can be used by the transcriptionist as required. Information entered in this field contains free text as well. Any entries in these two fields are optional.

The ToE is a software product supporting digital dictation called "SpeechMagic™ Solution Builder".

The ToE does NOT include:

- the speech recognition system
  SpeechMagic™ as such
- third party products
- client hardware
- use of the product over the Internet

Technical Evaluator

Andreas Bethke
Papenbergallee 34
25548 Kellinghusen

Legal Evaluator

Stephan Hansen-Oest
Neustadt 56
24939 Flensburg



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