Product enabling secured direct communication between medical doctors

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12/2009 until 31/12/2011

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Telemed Online Service für Heilberufe GmbH
Maria Trost 21
56070 Koblenz, Germany


The usage of the product supports the principle of data minimisation and the usage of at least invasive technology with regard to direct communication between medical professionals in an effective way by encryption and secured data file transmission.


Users of the product (medical professionals) have to be aware that they are not allowed to process names of patients in relation to sensitive data in the sense of Art. 8 of Directive 95/46/EC. Medical doctors are only allowed to disclose patient data with the explicit consent of the patient to other medical professionals.

The product supports medical doctors by providing a pre-formulated  agreement for obtaining the explicit and written consent of the patient.

Summary is a product for secured chat-communication between medical professionals and also provides a secured data file transmission between two medical professionals.


  1. Secure Message-Handling offers a chat-function, which gives the medical doctors the possibility to directly communicate with other medical professionals of different fields by a so-called transport-encryption. The product is only offered to medical doctors and hospitals.

    Main use case is the implementation of into other Medical Doctor Information Systems (MDIS) as a white label solution.

    All messages are automatically encrypted before the message is submitted. The public key is generated at the time of registration of a user and its public part is stored on a Server within the network. The private part of the key is stored on the system of the user.  Additionally the transport of the encrypted message is also encrypted via SSL. Messages are encrypted (ECC/AES) until decryption on the recipient's system. Messages are preserved until they are retrieved or until they are removed by deletion of the account.
  2. Exchange of files

    The second function of the product is the exchange of data in a file between users. The file-exchange modalities depend on the use of the MDIS which is not part of the target of evaluation. Instant Messages (IM) and documents are encrypted with the public key of the medical doctor receiving the file.

    Another possibility to exchange information is facilitated by the patient, as the receiving medical doctor might not be known at the time of sending the information. This transfer is conducted by forwarding of selected medical information of a patient (from his MDIS) to another (unknown) doctor via The patient receives a paper printed barcode for his chosen medical doctor who can scan the code and decrypt the stored data for the MDIS. In this case the patient has full access control.

    Technical Evaluator

    B3 Informationstechnologie
    Andreas Bethke
    Papenbergallee 34
    25548 Kellinghusen, Germany

    Legal Evaluator

    Stephan Hansen-Oest
    Neustadt 56
    24939 Flensburg, Germany


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