HUAWEI ID as it is provided to users in the EU/EEA

Function as provided in January 2020

Qualification: IT-based service (controller service)

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Cert. No.


Version of Certification Criteria



31/01/2020 - 31/01/2022


09/2020 (O.K.)


Public Report

Initial certification: HUAWEI ID Short Public Report [PDF] Image


Aspiegel Limited
Simmonscourt House
D04 W9H6


Please cf. the short public report (SPR).


Not applicable. 


HUAWEI ID enables users of mobile devices with an Android operating system to log in to other services / (3rd party) apps. In this respect, it may be considered a single sign-on (SSO) solution. In addition, HUAWEI ID also serves the purpose to offer strong authentication methods to its users: For example, if a user logs in to a certain service with the HUAWEI ID and if s/he tries to log in from a different device than before, the user will receive a verification code via SMS (provided s/he has indicated a phone number upon registration / at a later stage).


Initial Cert 2020/01

HUAWEI ID is offered globally in different variations. This certification refers only to the version that is provided to users in the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA).

The target of evaluation (ToE) includes:

  • HUAWEI ID client as an integrated service app in Huawei Android devices;
  • HUAWEI Mobile Services APK to the extent it is required for the use of HUAWEI ID (but not for any other mobile services);
  • The HUAWEI ID web portal:;
  • Backend-Server;
  • Captcha-Server;
  • The single sign-on service (SSO) as it is provided by Aspiegel (as such);
  • All processes and interfaces concerning the registration, storage and administration of the HUAWEI ID by using a mobile device (smart phone) or a web browser;
  • All processes and interfaces related to the processing of personal data for direct marketing and business development purposes to the extent it is directly related to the ToE as such.

The ToE does not include:

  • Other mobile services provided by Aspiegel or any of their affiliates or any 3rd parties;
  • (3rd party) apps that may interact with the ToE;
  • The function “find my phone”;
  • The function “my address”;
  • Huawei ID as it is provided to users outside the EU/EEA;
  • The ToE's actual use in connection with a dedicated service;
  • The (optional) storage of credit data in the HUAWEI ID account; 
  • Log in to the service via single sign-on (SSO) options provided by 3rd parties (Google, Twitter, WeChat and Facebook - the use of such options is possible, but is not part of the current ToE);
  • Customer support services provided by Aspiegel or any of their affiliates or any 3rd parties;
  • Hardware and software utilised by the users of the service (apart from the ToE itself of course).

The evaluation showed that HUAWEI ID (EU/EEA) meets all applicable EuroPriSe requirements. Further information can be found in the short public report that is available here: Image

Legal Evaluator

Rechtsanwalt Stephan Hansen-Oest
Im Tal 10a
24939 Flensburg

Technical Evaluator

Andreas Bethke
B³ | Informationstechnologie
Papenbergallee 34
25548 Kellinghusen


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Initial Certification: 01/2020

Aspiegel Limited is a mobile services provider, founded in 2015 and located in the Republic of Ireland. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Huawei Technologies Cooperatief U.A (Netherlands).

This certification relates to HUAWEI ID as it is provided by Aspiegel as data controller to users in the EU/EEA. Huawei ID is a central service that is available for users of mobile devices with an Android operating system. Users may utilise the service to log in to other services (“Huawei Mobile Services”), such as AppGallery, Mobile Cloud, Developer Alliance, Video, Browser, Assistant, Music, Themes, Honor store, etc. as well as to (3rd party) apps.

The certification does not cover any other mobile services or apps provided by Aspiegel or any of their affiliates. The same holds true for (3rd party) apps that may interact with Huawei ID.