Overview on EuroPriSe Expert Admission


Before submitting an application for certification to a certification body, certification customers must meet EuroPriSe’s requirements for the specification of the intended certification object ("target of evaluation" or "ToE"), for the conduct of a data protection specific risk analysis and for the implementation of a so-called maturity assessment. In doing so, customers may seek the assistance of data protection experts who are familiar with the relevant requirements. EuroPriSe Experts are privacy professionals who have been specifically trained to perform this task. Admission may be granted for the following areas of expertise: (1) Technical, (2) Legal and (3) Technical and Legal.

Requirements for Expert Admission

Privacy professionals interested in becoming a EuroPriSe Expert have to undergo an admission procedure demonstrating their expertise regarding legal and/or technical aspects of EU data protection, their respective professional experience as well as their reliability and liability insurance coverage. The EuroPriSe Expert Admission Workshop serves as an important part of the admission procedure as it provides insight into EuroPriSe’s rules, procedures and criteria as well as a tutorial for supporting certification customers in the field. After the workshop, candidates must successfully complete a homework assignment. Admitted EuroPriSe Experts are subject to an annual fee.

For details on EuroPriSe Expert Admission, please study the Expert Admission Fact Sheet linked a the top of this page. To learn about upcoming Expert Admission Workshops, please go to https://www.euprivacyseal.com/EPS-en/Expert-Admission-Workshops.

Listing on Public Register

After admission, experts can have their contact data published in a public register on this website listing  the experts together with their special interests and qualification to help certification customers find the appropriate experts.


General Information about EuroPriSe Expert Admission

Expert Admission