OPEN/PROSOZ v2019.1.0

Qualification: IT product

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03/12/2019 - 31/12/2021

Optional Monitoring

08/2020 (O.K.)

Public Report

OPEN/PROSOZ Short Public Report 2019 Image   

OPEN/PROSOZ Short Public Report 2019 Image 




PROSOZ Herten GmbH

Ewaldstraße 261
45699 Herten


Users are sensitized in an exemplary manner by various data protection notices and an intuitive user guidance.

The database application is characterized by a dedicated authorization and role concept.

Print functions optimally support access requests from data subjects.


OPEN/PROSOZ facilitates its privacy compliant use and thus contributes to the legitimate processing of social data. However, the actual legitimacy of such processing must be evaluated by the users of OPEN/PROSOZ (controllers) when deploying the ToE.


OPEN/PROSOZ is a database-driven IT dialogue system used by social welfare institutions. The software supports the processing of social assistance benefits. The focus lies on the individual case processing of benefits according to the German Social Security Code (SGB) II, SGB XII or SGB IX. In addition, OPEN/PROSOZ enables the processing of requirements and surcharges according to SGB II, integration services, case management as well as the compilation of statistics and comparison with personal data of the German Federal Employment Agency (BA). OPEN/PROSOZ is used to collect and process personal data of recipients of social assistance or third parties obliged to provide information, to document eligibility requirements, to calculate entitlement to assistance and to issue notices.


Initial Cert 2019/12

Target of evaluation is the IT product OPEN/PROSOZ with the following modules:

  • Global claims processing (OPEN/PROSOZ Global),
  • System administration (OPEN/PROSOZ System) with the Dialog Editor;
  • Case-by-case handling (OPEN/PROSOZ Client).

The ToE does not comprise:

  • Other products of PROSOZ Herten GmbH;
  • The website and other websites of PROSOZ Herten GmbH;
  • Provision of any support services, since these do not form part of the standard scope of OPEN/PROSOZ;
  • The users' operating environment, their operating systems, the individual configuration of dialog boxes in OPEN/PROSOZ at the users' as well as tools used by the users for exchanging data or converting ASCII files to XML.

Please find more detailed information in the short public report: Image Image

Legal Evaluator

Dr. Irene Karper LL.M.Eur.
datenschutz cert GmbH
Konsul-Smidt-Str. 88a
28217 Bremen

Technical Evaluator

Dr. Irene Karper LL.M.Eur.
datenschutz cert GmbH
Konsul-Smidt-Str. 88a
28217 Bremen

Initial Certification: 12/2019

PROSOZ Herten GmbH proved that their software "OPEN/PROSOZ" facilitates its privacy compliant use. OPEN/PROSOZ is a database-driven IT dialogue system to be used by social welfare institutions. It supports the processing of social assistance benefits.

Users of OPEN/PROSOZ are controllers in respect of the processing of personal data that results from the use of the software. They are provided with guidance on how to comply with EU data protection law in a comprehensive privacy and security concept. If they stick to this guidance, they can be sure to act in compliance with EU data protection law.



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