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09/04/2020 - 30/04/2022

Recertification No. 1: 29/06/2016

Initial Certification: 03/04/2014 

Public Report

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Scholz Systemprogrammierung GmbH
Bei den Rauhen Bergen 20
22927 Großhansdorf / Germany


Collection of data from ID cards and driving licenses is strictly limited. Only data that are necessary for age verification are used for the verification process. Data is deleted immediately after the verification process.




AVS-EU is an IT product that processes identity card and driving license data for the purpose of age verification (most typically, it is used for adult verification). Relevant data are identified by means of an optical card reader and an OCR-Software.  AVS-EU identifies the data necessary for determining the age of the owner of the respective card and sends an electronic release signal if the owner's age is as required (e.g., > 18 years). The product can be attached to automatic vending machines in order to ensure that legal requirements in respect of the minimum age of users are met. Practical use cases are cigarette vending machines or DVD vending/rental machines.


Recert 2020

The ToE has not changed in the meantime.

The recertification is based on EuroPriSe's criteria catalog v201701 for IT-products and IT-based services. The legal and technical evaluation demonstrated that the ToE complies with all applicable requirements of this criteria catalog.

Please cf. the short public report for details.

Recert 2016

AVS-EU still meets all applicable EuroPriSe requirements (for details, please cf. the current version of the Short Public Report).

Note: The French National ID card may now be used for adult verification by means of AVS-EU in one region of Germany. This is currently excluded from the target of evaluation. However, it will be added to the ToE within the next few months.

Update 201707: AVS-EU does not support age verification by means of the French National ID card (anymore). Thus, the ToE is the same as during the initial certification (see below).

Initial Cert

AVS-EU supports age verification by means of the following types of cards:

  • German ID card (old and new model)
  • German drivers licence (EU)
  • Swiss ID card
  • Swiss drivers licence

Technical Evaluator

Andreas Bethke
Papenbergallee 34
25548 Kellinghusen / Germany

Legal Evaluator (since 06/2019)

Olaf Lange
Rahlstedter Bahnhofstr. 12
22143 Hamburg / Germany

Legal Evaluator (until 06/2018)

Stephan Hansen-Oest
Neustadt 56
24939 Flensburg / Germany



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Recertification: 04/2020

Scholz Systemprogrammierung GmbH proved that its IT product AVS-EU complies with EU data protection law. Customers of Scholz such as operators of cigarette vending machines use the product in order to perform age verification (e.g., > 18 years) of users of vending machines by means of ID cards and driving licenses. They can be sure that the respective data processing is in line with the demanding provisions of EU data protection law. Consumers can be positive that their data is only used for the purpose of age verification and deleted afterwards immediately.

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